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February 28, 2010

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to grow their business or their career, is to avoid at all costs asking for help. Why is that?

Would fear possibly contribute to their problem? Fear of being indebted to someone, fear of looking or sounding stupid by not knowing how to do something in the first place. And even frustration that although they consider themselves to be a smart, intelligent person – how come they can’t do something as apparently easy as this current problem without tearing their hair out.

Master networkers spend spend a lifetime gathering piecess of trivia, information and contacts. More often than not, it is in their head, rather than in a system. Their mastery comes in being able to connect two or three seemingly obscure pieces of information and making them relevant. Master networkers are usually very good at connecting people with problems to people with solutions. We are in a knowledge economy –

Information is the new currency!

They key is ASK FOR HELP BEFORE YOU NEED IT – don’t wait until the last minute, when your deadline is 5 minutes away to ask for help. Start to notice those anxiety signs much earlier in the project. One phone call, email or text message to one of your trusted contacts, with a “I need your help – would you have time today to direct me to ……..”

The worst thing that happens – the answer is NO! The best thing – they connect you with the almost perfect person for you – who happens to know exactly the person you are after, the person who has the answer or solution to your problem.

So the next time you feel yourself becoming overwelmed with a project. Stop, breathe, think about who in your network might just have the answer or solution for you – and make contact.

Remember – it’s okay to ask for help.

with Leonardo di Caprio is very different, set in an amazing location – and certainly the sort of film that encourages lots of discussion after viewing – was he or wasn’t he? – 3.5 stars

VALENTINES DAY – a chic’s flick – fun, great tying together of multiple stories – 3 stars 

Until next time – happy networking

Robyn Henderson

Global Networking Specialist


Hello world!

February 25, 2010

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