7 reasons to get connected and stay connected with LinkedIn

Sometimes people tell you about something and you are really not ready to listen to them or you have a preconceived idea about how something works and have already made up your mind that it won’t work for you. That was certainly the case with my resistance to LinkedIn.  I avoided it at all costs, deleted the invitations I received from my connections for months (silly me) and boy, am I eating my words now.

 I am a LinkedIn convert and am loving it as a get connected, stay connected, re-connect networking tool. A huge thank you to Iggy Pintado –who helped me to reduce my resistance to LinkedIn and social media in general. Iggy and I were both presenting at a business women’s network and his way of explaining social media is so user friendly, I was convinced. Iggy’s LinkedIn tips for me included:

  • Go straight to the Premium Account for the added benefits.
  • Spend time creating your profile page – it will help enormously with your connections and linkages.
  • Decide how much time you can spend on LinkedIn every week – the more time you spend on it – the faster your connections list grows. Be realistic with your time, but by investing a couple of hours a week – you get a great return on your investment.
  • Have an open profile, which means that your connections can go through your directory and make contact with people they already know.

Iggy is a master connector and I recommend you visit his website – www.iggypintado.com it has stacks of useful information.

At time of writing, I have been a LinkedIn member for approximately 2 months and have already grown my connections list to more than 600 people.  According to LinkedIn stats, with me being the centre of my network with 618 connections (trusted friends and colleagues), I have access to 82,700+ who are two degrees away – friends of friends each connected to one of your connections.

 And three degrees away I have access to 5,151,500+ people who can be reached through a friend and one of their friends.  And as there are currently 65,000,000 LinkedIn users – the numbers are quite mind boggling.

Iggy Pintado has over 11,000 connections on his LinkedIn account – well done Iggy!  Here are   7 tips from a new and very satisfied LinkedIn member:

INVITATIONS -It is worth taking a moment to write a little more than the standard invitation message – particularly if you have not connected with a person for awhile. Some of my invitations messages start with – “A blast from the past.” Or “Greetings from Australia” – or “we met at XYZ.  In this way the person makes the connection – often they respond with a very friendly response.

 REJECTIONS – 90% of the people you invite to be one of your professional business connections say yes. And the 10% that don’t – that’s okay too. I don’t take it personally, as I know I deleted many invitations in the last year.

 TRACKING – I have found old clients, who have moved companies, school friends, relatives, social friends, current clients, audience members, product buyers – all sorts of connections – many of whom I lost track of over the years.

 EVENTS – You can promote events that you are attending, speaking at or arranging. It is the perfect low cost promotional tool. And I have found some very interesting events to attend, that I had not heard of before.

 SPECIAL INTERESTS – Knowing that we are not our jobs – nor the title on the business card – we do have a life outside of business. LinkedIn again gives you an opportunity to connect with special interest groups throughout their network.  There is a big directory of these groups – some more business than social –  and what the criteria is to join – but I have found studying profiles of people in my network enables me to see which groups they belong to and if appropriate I -can connect with them. Plus listing your interests on your profile gives more insight into your whole life not just your workplace. I recently had a holiday in Maui and wrote about the highlights on my network activity segment of my profile. It was amazing the number of people wanting to know more about Maui or share their experiences. Again an opportunity to network with like minded people.

 INSTANT UPDATES – Your connections regularly update their profiles as their situations change, they gain recognition or they change jobs – all great reasons for you to reconnect with them.

  TESTIMONIALS -One of the really great tools is your ability to send a testimonial or recommendation to someone in your connections list. I am a big fan of writing testimonials for a job well done and this is the easiest system to do exactly that. Recommendations/testimonials are given without expectation – but to date I have found all of them greatly appreciated. I prefer to do them without being asked, just a spontaneous response when you see someone’s name and profile.

 In this current competitive marketplace, LinkedIn is a great resource for getting connected and staying connected. If you have less than 150 connections, it might be worth trawling through your connections list of connections and if you are heading higher than 500 – well done. And if you would like an invitation to join my LinkedIn professional business network, just let me know. This is one social media tool that I am very pleased if am utilizing – even if many of my connections are saying – what took you so long? Sometimes you just don’t know what you are missing.

For more articles by Robyn Henderson – visit www.networkingtowin.com.au or robyn@networkingtowin.com.au

One Response to “7 reasons to get connected and stay connected with LinkedIn”

  1. Iggy Pintado Says:


    Great tips from a great networker! Well done you for persisting with Linkedin and enhancing your connecting online. Great tips too!

    Keep going and more success to you.

    Cheers, Iggy

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