Networking has long been an element of successful communication. But, as we move into busier and tougher times (where, for instance, the level of trust in business is not what it used to be), we are going to have to be smarter about the way we do it. Given the need to win both attention and trust, one way is to become more interesting. 

  What are the characteristics of interesting or charismatic people? Is there any advantage in becoming more interesting? From a networker’s perspective, the answer is a most resounding yes.  We all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. An interesting person attracts people and most likely expends less effort promoting and selling their product or services, or fast-tracking their career. 

  So how can you become more interesting? 


 Interesting people are often good at telling stories. They are able to shorten their yarns into anecdotes brought alive with enthusiasm, rather than embellishing and stretching the truth. 

 People recall stories that are positive and entertaining, and trigger emotions – happy or sad. The great storyteller has a way of turning a negative into a positive, even if it is just to state how lucky we are at that moment. 


 People can sense a fraud a mile away. We all know those people who are just being nice to you because they want something.  


We are in the information age. The internet  make it incredibly easy to access that information. “Google” is a verb – and what a blessing when you are tracking information – remember though everyone has access to “Google” – what will make you different.  


Take a few moments and write a list of 20 things you would be interested in doing if you had a month off and unlimited budget – this might be your own “Bucket List” Really let your imagination take hold. Your list may include some old hobbies, new interest, maybe even more of what you are currently doing – or making doing it in a different location. What one thing can you do TODAY, to progress at least one item on this list. 


Many people sit back and wait for life to happen – they can wait a long time. Proactive people are the ones who make life happen. Try new things, even if they scare you a little. 



I am an avid film-goer and enrolled in a weekend scriptwriting course with an international scriptwriter – what a great weekend – 400 people all passionate about films and film making. Am i going to become a script writer – not this year. But i did learn lots of things and make some great connections. Was I out of my comfort zone – only briefly and it was well worth it. 

So many people think that networking is all about business and “work” – it isn’t. Some of the best contact you will make will be in social or special interest situations. If you can’t commit to long-term studies, try one of the many short-term courses offered by universities, TAFES and community colleges. 

The trust is built with the students almost instantly – because you have a common interest or passion – what a great way to start a friendship or connection. 

John Lennon summed it up with his quote: “life is what happens while you are making other plans.”

Happy networking until next time!


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