10 Questions to Track Your Networking Progress

Same old, same old – can become the death of your networking results. Many of us being so familiar with our networks, that we never move out of our comfort zone enough to try new things, habits, events or systems.

So, if you feel you might be getting a little stale with your networking results – here are 10 review questions to ask yourself within 24 hours of attending your next networking event.

1. If this is as good as it gets, is this good enough?

2. Is attending this network still working for me?

 3. If I knew I could not fail, what would I do?

 4. What do I want in my business in the next 12 months and was there anyone at this network, who may be able to help me? Sometimes we are so busy chatting to our mates, that we forget to meet others.

 5. If I can’t achieve this by myself, whom can I ask for help and how soon will I do that?

 6. What can I do to help the people who are helping me?

 7. What’s the worst possible thing that can happen if I don’t achieve what I want in the next 6 months, and can I cope with that? If the answer is YES, I can cope with that – then basically you have nothing to lose!

 8. What one thing will I do today to make sure I receive a maximum Return on Investment from attending that networking event?

 9.  Which three people, whom I have met/reconnected with at this event, would I like to form an important part of my national network?

 10. How can I nurture their friendship? And what can i do specifically this week to progress that friendship?

It’s amazing how comfortable and safe we can become with our networking habits – rather than constantly moving out of our comfort zone – at least once a day – and expanding our networks.

You may like to schedule these 10 questions every quarter to ensure that you don’t become a lazy networker, confused why their networks results are just not happening.


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