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Tell tale signs your strategic alliances is not working or needs a revamp!

August 14, 2011

It’s a great idea to treat stategic alliances as projects – with a start date and a finish date. Often when people have open ended alliances,¬†members can tire of each other and even get to the point of sabotaging the success of the alliance. Tell tale signs include:

1. No meetings

2. No shows at meetings

3. Actions post meeting regularly not completed

4. Endless excuses for non actions or non attendance

5. Allies are linked or have a stronger link with a competitor and did not declare this potential conflict of interest

6. Requests to change the original rules of the alliance

7. Key player/driver leaves

8. Playing the blame game

If any of these situations are showing up in your alliances, it’s time to take some action NOW! Don’t waste another meeting or your valuable time.